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For years, All the best PEOPLE®, under the leadership of Diane Dawson-Brown has been the pre-eminent source in central Connecticut and Western Massachusetts for advertising, creative, graphic arts, digital platforms, marketing, media, printing, public relations and publishing professionals.

The reasons are simple enough: experience, service and results.

Few personnel firms take the time to visit clients, observe their working environment and appreciate the dynamics of their business. It is important to know the problems, pressures and challenges employers face on a day-to-day basis as it is often the key to identifying the most qualified candidates: How he or she will work in the culture determines the best match and hire.

In addition, hours are spent updating information, following local and industry trends, networking, probing adding to our specialized knowledge of the marketplace. Membership in industry specific associations keeps relationships current.

Combine all that with the human part of human resources – an uncanny instinct about who is right for the job and the hiring process becomes time-efficient and hassle-free.

Straightforward, honest, hard-working and having a personal interest in satisfying both employers and candidates gives us a reputation in the community for performance, integrity and ethics. Being scrupulous about confidentiality makes everyone comfortable discussing what works best for them.

Delivering Results: The sooner we connect, the sooner the ideal match is made.
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